My travelling / As minhas viagens

Unforgettable Portugal (includes Madeira and Azores Islands)

30 reasons to Visit Azores Islands

Visit to Greece

Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) a global tour

Cruze from  Caribbean Islands to Denmark
The Olimpics that I saw - London 2012

Eco Brail
Amazonia and Pantanal

 Volga Cruse

Índia –(PT) 5.000 anos de História (em 15m) e os monumentos (visista virtual)

India - (EN) 5.000 years of History (in 15 minutes) and tour

Perú - Past and presente

Argentina / Chile / Patagonia

Remember Vietnam and Kampuchea

Unforgettable Kiev – Ukraine

Egypt, land of Pharaohs – A Nile cruise



The China I saw


O México Is beautiful 
Viagem ao México em 2004
01 Mexico City
02 Mexico Anthropological Museum
03 Teotihuacan
04 Acapulco
05 Chichen Itza Yucatan
06 Pakal in Paleque – Yucatan
07 Cancun – Yucatan
08 Isla de la mujeres

Videos in preparation