My travelling / As minhas viagens

Turing by the world

Around the world in 2019

Unforgettable Portugal (includes Madeira and Azores Islands)

30 reasons to Visit Azores Islands

Visit to Greece

Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) a global tour

Cruze from  Caribbean Islands to Denmark
The Olimpics that I saw - London 2012

Eco Brail
Amazonia and Pantanal

 Volga Cruse

Índia –(PT) 5.000 anos de História (em 15m) e os monumentos (visista virtual)

India - (EN) 5.000 years of History (in 15 minutes) and tour

Perú - Past and presente

Argentina / Chile / Patagonia

Remember Vietnam and Kampuchea

Unforgettable Kiev – Ukraine

Egypt, land of Pharaohs – A Nile cruise



The China I saw


O México Is beautiful 
Viagem ao México em 2004
01 Mexico City
02 Mexico Anthropological Museum
03 Teotihuacan
04 Acapulco
05 Chichen Itza Yucatan
06 Pakal in Paleque – Yucatan
07 Cancun – Yucatan
08 Isla de la mujeres

Videos in preparation